Whether through the vast deep blue sea or verdant lands with incredible landscapes, venture to discover our natural and cultural heritage and take with you naturally amazing memories.

Whale Watching

Being one of the most sought after and practiced experiences in the Region, whale watching can be appreciated on different islands of the Archipelago.


Discovering the Azores by bike is certainly an unforgettable experience. With the sea and the mountains as companions, the possibility of living an immersive experience.

Pedestrian Trails

Venture out to discover the true natural essence of the Azores, along the more than 70 pedestrian trails, duly marked.

Jeep Tours

For those who love some adrenaline, jeep tours are an excellent option for that adventure during your stay in the Azores.


Savoring the best of regional cuisine while enjoying moments of pure relaxation in the surrounding nature, is undoubtedly an authentic, unique, and global experience of the Azores.